Spritiual Handling

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In spirituality astrology, Mars is a very energetic planet and a strong Mars indicates a person who needs to channel all that energy to grow spiritually. A form of yoga with vigorous asanas would be appealing to such an individual. A strong Mercury would crave knowledge and learning. Some form of jnana yoga would be very appealing to this person.

A strong Sun in a birth chart can show that the person would do well in spiritual practices that need strong will power and self-discipline. A strong Moon would indicate devotional and nurturing practices that appeal to the emotional aspect of a person.

Spritiual Handling by pandit ji

Amit Shastri has has the great knowledge of spritiual handling. Pandit ji knows huge tricks and yoga’s by which he can handle sprituuality.  Pandit Amit Shastri Ji have a great understanding in astrology which provides all aolutions of  Life problems.