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Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology has a unique and accurate prediction system according to time events of the past, present and future. Yog, dasha and Nakshtra is used in Vedic Astrology. This is the science of Self-Knowing Our earth moves around the sun and its own axis. So according to this rotations, Predictions are made in Vedic Astrology.


The Original idea behind the Numerology system is the fact that it studies the relationship between a letter’s numerical value constituted within words, names and ideas and any coinciding event relating to the former incidents. People believe that there is a strong connection between the numbers and the Physical Objects and Living ones’.

Vastu shastra

The meaning of vastu is dwelling, which is the home for god and humans. Vastu shastra is based on various energies that comes from atmosphere like solar energy from sun, cosmic energy, lunar energy, thermal energy, magnetic energy, light energy, wind energy. These energies can be balanced to enhance peace, prosperity and success.


Palmistry or hand analysis or hand reading is one of the important thing in astrology. It is a tool which can help you to know yourself. A knowledge of palmistry helps anyone to become happier and to earn more. This can help anyone to enjoy a happier life and become more accepting of himself as an individual with his own unique potential.

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Wealth Problem

Money is the primary need in today life. Wealth is needed for all purposes. This is where the astrology comes into role, which helps you to make wealthy. Pandit Amit Shastri ji assists you to forecasts success or failure of a business venture and ensures you get the maximum profit out of your business and helps you to make more wealthy.

kundli making

Kundali or Janam Kundli is a well known and the most popular astrological term in Indian Astrology predictions provided by the Pandit ji would help you to have a clear idea about the coming time in your life. All the essential remedies are provided by the Pandit ji are the different types of Dashas are calculated from different Dasha systems and angles in your kundali.

kundli matching

Kundali Matching or Kundali Milan is one of the most common practice for marriage. in Hindu societies, where arranged marriages are very common, kundali matching is the most vital step taken into consideration while moving forward with a wedding proposal. Doing kundali Milan of prospective boy and girl will allow them to skills stars influence their marriage.

Career problem

Whenever you think about your Career's and it’s continuously declining graph will give you anxiety, and it is normal.You need to get a solution for Pandit Ji, it could be the best thing than getting in touch with the experienced and famous astrologer Pandit Amit Shastri ji. Pandit Ji will tell about your career horoscope by date of birth and time and tell everything

Our astrological services

business Problem

In every business there are many risks and uncertainities. A good businessman is the one who analyzes future risks/uncertainities/changes and make necessary changes them for suitability of his business. Pandit Amit Shastri assists you to forecasts success or failure of a business venture and enusres you get the maximum profit out of your business.

Marital problem

The Marriage Problem Solution is the best suited solution for the two individuals previously wedded and for those who are going to wed. Pandit ji will analyze the main reason of Marriage Problem. Satisfactory cure will likewise be recommended. Pandit ji investigates Relationship Problems that you are facing, and proposes the correct solution for tackling these issues.

love problem

Love and Marriages are made in heaven. They happen only when the will of the God allow it. No. 1 Love expert Pandit Amit Shastri ji will give you Love Predictions, Marriage Prediction – Astrological insight on your love and marriage prospects at the moment. In this prediction, you will find everything about your love like how do you marry him/her, what he/she thiks about your married life, will he/she get married to you and how is his or her nature and many more predictions who’ll get by pandit ji during consultation.

divorce problem solution

divorce problem

Get the best solution for all sorts of divorse problems by the Pandit Amit Shastri Ji. He will guide you what went wrong with your marriage and how to overcome these issues by some astrological or vastu realed solutions. For the same reason World famous astrologer Pandit Amit shastri ji putting their efforts to solve Diverse Problems and he provides accurate and authentic solution of Divorce problems. If you are also facing the same problem, call to pandit Ji.

Other services

hawan pooja

In Indian Astrology Hawan Pooja plays the role of most important remedy. Any kind of Hawan Pooja is done as protection and the solution from various problems in life, healing from diseases and also contemplation. Hawan & Pooja Path absorbs the negative effect from the respective planet and passes them into the body. These Hawan Pooja increase the positive power or aspect of the Planet in the person’s life.


Gemstones perform the perfect and vital role of most important remedy.Wearing a Gem Stone absorbs the ray from the respective planet and passes them into the body. This ray increases the positive power or aspect of the Planet in the native’s life. The World famous Astrologer Pandit Amit Shastri Ji recommends the Stone type, Stone size, wearing finger and wearing time according to your problem.


Rudraksha is associated with Lord Shiva. Rudraksha is widely used for praying and chanting the mantras in the Hindu culture, and most probably people wear it without any special cause. The Rudraksha are regarded as the semi precious stone, and are available in multiple segments and thus, through this Rudraksha segment or known as Mukhi in Hindi, the meaning and interpretations related to the rudraksha could be clarified and identified.

Lal kitab

Lal Kitab or Red Book is known as the wonder book in Astrology. Lal kitab is written in different languages and at different times. Pandit Amit Shastri is also has his expertise in the Holy Book Lal Kitab. He has a great experience in this field also. Consult your problem with Pandit ji and get accurate and authentic solution of your problem or your question based on Lal Kitab. These Lal Kitab solutions are cheap and affordable which is within the reach of a common man.